Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Nasi Kandar & Kopi-O

It's still dark; 6 a.m. in Penang, Malaysia. Enjoying my breakfast "nasi kandar" in kopitiam.
A vagabond was standing besides the nasi kandar stall, clearly showing that he needed something to fill up his stomach.
"Give him a packet of nasi kandar, boss. I'll pay for it", I told the nasi kandar boss.
A minute later, sitting on the floor, the vagabond was enjoying his food, without any drink.
"A packet of hot kopi-O please," I placed my order to the boss of the kopitiam.
By the time I got the kopi-O, turning around, only to see the vagabond walking off, already 20 meters away in the dark.
I had the second glass of kopi-O with my breakfast this morning.
When and where the vagabond going to get his next meal?


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