Monday, November 06, 2006

Asylum or Divorce?

My psychiatrist asked the middle-age alcoholic:"What's the first thing you would do if I send you home?"
"Divorce my wife!"
He was sent for E.C.T. therapy (6 times per course).
Two weeks later, the psychiatrist asked the patient again:"What's the first thing you would do if I send you home?"
"Divorce my wife!"
Decision was made by psychiatrist and M.O. to send him to asylum.
"Now look here," I told the panel. "I know that you all are trying to save his married life but don't forget that we are not sitting next to God! I saw the wife who has a splendid sexy body. Now that the patient is thinking that his wife is having affair with other man which leads him to alcohol abuse. Do you think he can satisfy his wife over sex after consuming alcohol and psychotropic drugs? How can you be so sure of what the wife had told you during the interview? Just be realistic! Let it be! What will be will be! Who knows he may recover if his request is met with!
A short discussion followed. The patient was discharged in the afternoon.
He never come back till I left psychiatry ward 4 years later!


阿祥 said...

he did after 5 years.

蘇東阿叔 said...

Fair enough. By then he came in as a free man!