Friday, October 27, 2006

4.99? 8.99?

Just recall this incidence.
Once went to a fast food outlet just to please my little son over his good performance in his school work. The banner outside the fast food outlet printed: XXXplate--RM4.99; YYYplate RM8.99 and so on. O.K. then. Placed my order, got my food, paid over the counter and shocked to discover that my change was short of 2 sen. On enquiry to the cashier, I was told:"no more 1-sen coin".
"What a nonsense! Your banner outside the shop states ".99 " for all sorts of food sold. Furthermore there is a bank just NEXT to the shop and it is still open. THIS IS CHEATING! I would like to see your manager." You can imagine how furious I was!
After get to know the whole truth, without any apology, the manager told the cashier:"give him 5 sen."
"Look here, Mr. manager. I am asking for my 2 sen." He just kept quiet.
You know what!? I gave 3 sen back to the cashier as a change. See, it's a matter of principle.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Went to economy night market ( pasar malam) last weekend near a market. As soon as I parked my car, a middle age man approached me asking for RM2.00 for parking. RM2.00? During daytime when I came to park my car, it only cost me RM0.30 for half an hour. Furthermore, I just dropped in hoping to buy a nail clipper which would cost me RM0.80 only. It's a matter of principle; would you pay in total of RM2.80 for a nail clipper which cost you RM0.80? That was not the only economy night market the very night. Ignoring the grumbles by the man, I drove off to another "pasar malam" where I could parked my car nicely for free and enjoyed my evening trip with my family at the night market.
If you were I, would you do the same?

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Received call this morning, the stubborn old man who refused to have his leg amputated passed away after mid-night. When I saw him two weeks ago, the amputated toe was somehow still gangrenous. I told him to go for below-knee amputation but he refused. I explained the consequences to his children, hoping that they could persuade the old man to go for operation. The old man just refused. Unlike this old man, another similar case I saw some one month ago responded quickly to my advice and had below-knee amputation done on his left leg. You can see him walking on clutches at the garden near-by every evening.
Stubborness won't gain anything; it kills!!